5 Quick Beauty Benefits With Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can be used in the kitchen as well as in the bathroom, and even though you already might use this as an essential ingredient to your everyday cooking, it can be beneficial to have an extra jar in the bathroom as well. The benefits and uses of coconut oil for skin and the uses of coconut oil for hair and beauty are endless. The oil itself is antibacterial and antifungal which is why it often is a much-preferred ingredient in an endless amount of natural beauty products. Caprylic Acid, Capric Acid, and Lauric Acid are three different fatty acids and ingredients that are found in coconut oil. While Caprylic acid, in particular, is an especially popular and effective antifungal, each of the three acids has for instance been found to be effective against the Candida yeast.

Coconut oil can be used for everything from healing scars and moisturizing dry knees to a frizz tamer for hair and body oil. As mentioned previously, the uses and benefits of coconut oil are endless – also when it comes to using coconut oil as part of a skin and beauty routine. This can also explain why coconut oil is such a popular and loved natural product. Without further ado, here are five quick uses of coconut oil – a do-it-all ingredient, that easily can be added to your daily beauty routine.

1. Coconut Oil As Body and Face Moisturizer
An endless amount of body lotions and face creams contains ingredients none of us have heard of before, and the questionable chemicals added can often leave your skin slightly dry over time. Even though coconut oil is a great moisturizer in itself, it can easily be added to body lotions and face creams for extra moisturizing properties. Coconut oil is especially great for dry and irritated winter skin since it works as an all-natural moisturizer that replenishes the skin’s natural oils.

People with oily skin can benefit from the effects of coconut oil. Oily skin is often caused by an overproduction of sebum, which often is the results of inadequate skin hydration. It is the body’s own attempt to prevent further dehydration. Extra sebum secretion can cause skin problems like comedo formation, and acne, especially when dry, flaky skin easily forms keratin plugs over the follicles.

  • How to use coconut oil as body moisturizer: Rub a small amount of coconut oil between the fingers and apply to gently washed skin lightly dried with a towel. As the coconut oil melts on the skin, it will quickly seep into the pores and give a deep moisturizing effect without leaving any kind of residues.
  • How to use coconut oil as a body moisturizer for oily skin: For oily skin, apply warm coconut oil liberally on the face and neck after washing with a mild soap. Leave it on for 15 minutes. Wash with warm water and dry with a soft towel. Repeat this for several days to condition your skin. You may experience an initial flare-up of acne, but you can ignore it unless it is too severe. Your skin would eventually reduce sebum secretion.

2. Coconut Oil As Make-Up Remover
Alcohol is found in a wide range of products which tends to strip the skin of its natural oils. The result can be irritated and inflamed skin.  It can also result in acne. By using coconut oil to remove waterproof mascara and makeup in general you will not only make your skin happy but your wallet as well. Coconut oil is an affordable and natural alternative to make-up removers. Especially since make-up removers usually are pricey.

  • How to use coconut oil as makeup remover: Wash your hands and heat up the coconut oil with your fingers. Gently apply the coconut oil to your eyelashes, face, and lip. Use a cotton pad to wipe it off. Wash off in warm water and make sure to repeat the process step by step until your face is free for makeup. 

3. Coconut Oil As Body Scrub
Moisturizing your skin whilst getting rid of old skin cells is a great way to make the most out of your coconut oil. Coconut oil scrub as diy (do it yourself) can easily replace any body and face scrubs on the market as coconut oil can be homemade and is inexpensive. It is gentle and exfoliant at the same time, as it moisturizes and leaves the skin hydrated. 

  • How to use coconut oil as body scrub: Mix coconut oil with salt, sugar or baking soda. Coconut oil makes a good body and face scrub that easily can be applied twice a week.

4. Coconut Oil As Hair Conditioning Treatment
No matter how well you treat your hair, exposure to sun, pollution, health and everyday life in general will over time cause damage. In order to keep it healthy and nice, it is essential to make sure your hair moisturized and conditioned. This can easily be done with a coconut oil deep conditioning treatment. Coconut oil penetrates hair faster and on a deeper level than normal conditioners. This is due to that the coconut oil mainly is comprised of smaller medium-chain fatty acids.

  • How to use coconut oil as hair condition treatment:
    Coconut oil melts at 75-77 F° (25-26 C°) and will melt in your hands before you apply it to your hair.

5. Coconut Oil As Shaving Cream
Coconut oil is a far healthier alternative to the highly toxic shaving cream, foam, and gel. Coconut oil will not only give you a smooth and close shave, it is also safe to use in the more sensitive areas of the body.

  • How to use coconut oil as shaving cream: While in the shower make sure to add enough coconut oil to cover the skin and shave as normal. 

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