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My name is Hanna. For more than two years I was dealing with acne- a very common skin problem. In 2014, I got terrible breakouts in addition to dry and irritated skin all of a sudden. My face made me very self-conscious, and I tried tons of solutions to make it disappear. I changed my diet, exercised a lot more than I normally did and used different face creams and masks to deal with the problem. Occasionally, I had a semi acne free face for a short week before I basically had to face my next breakout. My situation was so bad, I considered strong medications to get the skin I wanted.

So what has this got to do with coconut oil? 
Well, more than you might think. It all happened the day I ran out of makeup remover. To make sure that I would wake up with a makeup-free face the next morning, I grabbed the jar of coconut oil I had bought due to the massive hype. The mascara, foundation and lipstick went off quickly. The fresh smell made me put some extra coconut oil on my infected face before I went to bed. The next morning I was surprised to find my skin with far less inflammation than the night before. My skin was much more hydrated than ever before and even better; my breakouts seemed to slowly go away. Ever since that day, I have kept coconut oil as part of my skincare and I have never looked back. Today, I enjoy an acne free face and it feels amazing!

Over the past year, I have truly been convinced when it comes to coconut oil and I have also started to explore the different uses of it. I have created this site as I hope it can help others in similar situations. Coconut oil is a pure and natural product and I know the benefits are next to endless. This platform is a place where I will cover the uses of coconut oil when it comes to food, skin, hair and health in general.

If you ever need feedback on the benefits of coconut oil and how to make the most of it, I am more than happy to connect. Leave a comment below and make sure to stop by on a regular basis. I would love to hear from you.

Again, thank you for stopping by. It is great to have you here and I get excited to think about all the benefits you will experience with your coconut oil.


Founder of Your Coconut Oil